Which One Needs Higher Preference – A Microphone or a Voice Amplifier?

Understanding and communication play a very important role in a person’s well-being. Everyone has feelings, expressions, and needs that they wish to convey others and share with all others around them. It is a terrible feeling to not be able to express oneself or let others know how they feel in an effective manner. It can easily infest one’s mind with sadness, anger, depression, and frustration. There are many people who feel fatigued and low because they have to speak with others all day. Their voice gets weakened and sometimes it is so bad that they are hardly able to whisper. People like these may find difficulty in communicating with their friends and family members over phone calls as well and might be compelled to use speakerphones in place of normal receivers. These are the people who are in dire need of voice amplifiers. Such equipment can really help in amplification of your voice even when you are speaking in a very low tone.

Another scenario where these equipment prove their ultimate usage is in teaching. The instructors often face problems regarding conveying instructions especially in larger areas like skating rinks or pools. It is especially a problem with respect

The Best Songs With Only Four Letters In The Title

The local classic rock station kicks off the noon lunch hour each weekday by playing songs that are connected in some way, such as sharing a word in their titles or featuring a common theme. A recent show grouped a set of songs that all had just four letters in their titles, even though the disc jockey quickly discounted the smash hit by the Village People because its title was an acronym.

Lola by the Kinks immediately came to mind, but the station played three others before it got to that one. “Tush” by ZZ Top, David Bowie’s “Fame” and “Help” by The Beatles comprised the trio of hits that preceded the aforementioned tune by the Kinks, even though “Rain” and “Girl” by the Fab Four also fit the category.

I spent the next half hour brainstorming other songs with four letter titles that the station could have played, even though several of them would not be classified as classic rock. Here are ten of the best songs with four letter titles.

Isis by Bob Dylan

The highlight from the Desire album is a narrative of a search for a treasure that had been at home all the time.

Gone by Ben Folds

Attacking the piano is his

These Great Apology Songs Have Nothing To Be Sorry About

For some reason missed an episode of one of my favorite music programs, Sound Opinions from National Public Radio. Fortunately, I was able to revisit the show via the Internet but, after listening to it, I can say that I am literally sorry for not hearing it live.

Sorry was indeed the theme of the episode where the hosts, Chicago music journalists Greg Kot of the Tribune and Jim DeRogatis of the Sun Times, discussed the best apology songs in rock history. Among the most notable they mentioned were “All Apologies” by Nirvana, “I’m Sorry” by Brenda Lee, “So. Central Rain” by REM and “I Apologize” by Husker Du.

Here are some others that could have been added to the already impressive list.

Feel Like a Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford) by Elton John

Plenty of the Rocket Man’s tunes can fit this category, especially one like “Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word” from the Blue Moves album. This ballad from Rock of the Westies, however, offers one of the most heartfelt apologies in the history of modern music. The name in the subtitle, which I had to research when I first heard the song, was the traitorous friend who fatally shot Jesse James.

Jealous Guy by John

The Ten Best Albums From 1989, The Last Year Of Vinyl Recordings Before Recent Revival

An earthquake postponed the World Series between the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants. The primary access to the Internet came through something called dial-up, and the main phone contacts were made via land line.

That year, which was 1989, also marked the last time a popular record company made its last vinyl edition. Now, nearly thirty years later, it once again has begun pressing albums on vinyl.

As fans look forward to once again enjoying music made to be played on turntables, we can look back at the best albums released during the year that marked the end of the eighties and of the vinyl record.

Spike by Elvis Costello

After more than ten years of recording excellent albums, Costello finally hit number one on the charts with “Veronica” from this LP.

Oranges and Lemons by XTC

“Mayor of Simpleton” is the most well known hit from this disc, but several other tracks such as “King For a Day” have become fan favorites.

The Miracle by Queen

Freddie Mercury would sadly pass away two years later, but his vocals are as powerful here as they were on The Game at the beginning of the decade.

The End of the Innocence by Don Henley

Drumming for the Eagles had ceased almost a

10 Ways to Generate More Buzz for Your Music

Recently, I’ve had some questions around how to generate buzz for one’s music.

There are probably thousands of ways to do this, but that probably seems overwhelming.

So, here I’ve put together a list of 10 things you can do to get people talking about and sharing your music.

1. Get your fans to talk about it

You can make as much noise as you want. At the end of the day, it won’t be as much noise as the collective yell of your tribe.

Get your fans involved in spreading the word about your music in any capacity.

2. Feature someone known on a single

It doesn’t have to be Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez. Just find someone established in your genre that’s willing to sing or play on a single.

3. Get radio airplay

Sign up with Radio Airplay and get some free spins immediately.

4. Take a stance on an issue

Don’t do anything that would be off-brand or off-character.

But if there’s something you can get behind, be more vocal about it. You’ll begin to attract those who resonate with you.

5. Guest blog

Find relevant industry blogs you could submit articles to. Create great content others want to read and link back to your website.

6. Cross promote

Connect with

Best Fifteen Bands Who Have Y In Their Names

A fellow music enthusiast just borrowed a CD that I encouraged him to hear, figuring he would appreciate the style mixing several genres. I was disappointed when he returned the album, What For by Toro Y Moi, admitting that he found it too inaccessible.

What bewildered me more, though, was his second remark. He said that he kind of knew before hand it would not appeal to him, for he seldom liked a band with the letter Y in its name.

On my way home I began to consider that, if his remark had been sincere, all of the great bands he was missing because of his inexplicable dislike of the 25th letter of the alphabet. After all, two of the bands that highlighted the Woodstock festival fit that category, Iron Butterfly and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Here are fifteen of the other best bands who have a Y in their names.

Fountains of Wayne

Mostly known for the hit “Stacy’s Mom”, the band has recorded six outstanding albums since its inception in the mid-nineties.

The Byrds

Linguistically there is no Y in their name, but that letter distinguishes the group almost as much as its eclectic blend of rock, country and folk.

The Cyrcle

Several covers of Simon and

Seven Ideas For Disguises Suggested By Morrissey And The Smiths

Fans of the Smiths are delighted that their record company is offering a new reissued vinyl edition of one of the band’s best songs, the title track from The Queen Is Dead album. However, the band’s lyricist and lead vocalist, who is known mainly by his last name of Morrissey, has expressed some disfavor about the new record.

Morrissey recently criticized the company’s decision to limit the new record to one per customer, according to a June 20, 2017 nme.com article by Luke Morgan Britton. The singer is encouraging fans to wear wigs and other disguises in order to purchase multiple copies of the disc.

True fans who want to take advantage of Morrissey’s suggestion of disguising themselves need look no further than his own discography for ideas of going incognito. Here are seven possible disguises that can be found in his songs with the Smiths or his subsequent solo work.

Vicar In a Tutu

This title from a song on The Queen Is Dead would require the Smiths fan to borrow attire from a clergyman and also do some shopping at a ballet store.

Charles dressed in his mother’s bridal veil

This image from the very song being reissued would not necessarily require obtaining marriage attire from the Royal family, since